Live, Learn and Thrive

"The greatest doer must also be a great dreamer." Theodore Roosevelt

Welcome ALL the great dreamers, and the greatest doers, to the SKYWES Live, Learn and THRIVE page. We share interesting and relevant articles focused on learning how people are living their entrepreneurial visions (without it totally taking over their lives), plus interesting tidbits about owning as well as growing a business and last (but certainly not least) sharing inspiring pieces spotlighting how to thrive. Thriving is a practice and this is where learning, how to start and grow your business, meets mindful living.

Social Media Spotlight

For all you Instagram followers out there, SKYWES recommends following @thrive. We wholeheartedly stand behind their main premise, which is dispelling the myth that "burnout is the price we pay for success". We CAN be successful AND balanced. Follow them by clicking on the pic below for inspiring and interesting information!

"Did You Know" Articles

The Power of Meditation by Dr. Gail Gross Human Behavior, Parenting, and Education Expert, Speaker, Author. Ph.D., Ed.D., M.Ed.

Excerpt: In today’s busy world of working, networking, and the ongoing assaults of emails, texts, and family problems, we are saturated with the stress of psychological overload. Our minds are rarely at rest and our bodies are paying the price. You finish the end of a normal day and find that stress has become your partner. Read the rest!

7 Reasons to Go Into Business For Yourself by Ginger Dean Former Forbes Contributor

Excerpt: Successful businesses don't happen overnight.  So often we only see the finished product or hear the story of a successful entrepreneur, we don't hear about the blood, sweat and tears it took to get them were they are today.  It takes a lot of planning to get an idea off the ground and actually turn it into a profitable business, but it can be done and it can be very rewarding. If you're deciding whether to go into business for yourself here are seven tell tale signs to do so...Read the rest!

Discover How to Become Mindful by SKYWES

We all want to live a more balanced life, but it's far easier said than done, isn’t it? And for most of us, it's a journey. It takes practice and figuring out (over time) what works and what doesn't. As small business owners, particularly those building something in addition to a full-time job, family and friend life (or more) it’s more important to practice creating balance. And one way to do that is to learn how to become mindful. Mindfulness helps bring awareness of thought, which can create space for identifying the habits, thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you. And so, in our quest to help entrepreneurs weave balance in their lives, we’ve created the Discover How to Become Mindful, a 21-day series.  Learn more!