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My name is Kristin, and I've been the proud owner of Lil' Scholars University preschool for 15 years. I've partnered with SKYWES (and Jenna our trusty, experienced business minded instructor) to share with YOU all of the things I wish I knew when I was getting started! We've created courses to help you focus on the RIGHT things, and learn how to plan and execute YOUR vision. Now we are offering all our knowledge so you can start and grow your own in-home preschool!
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Everything you need to run your preschool business

  • An easy step by step approach to starting your own in-home preschool

  • A marketing plan template to help you create a preschool marketing strategy & plan

  • Seasonal preschool curriculumn planners PLUS downloadable activities - our Spring content will be launched in just a few weeks

  • A course dedicated to spotlighting how to partner successfully with parents and guardians at YOUR preschool (Pssst! This course has a whopping 14 downloadable templates & examples)

  • Unlimited access to all current & future video courses + tutorials, guides and worksheets.

  • Unlimited access to all updated courses so you don't have to worry about outdated material.

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    SKYWES’s powerful, all-in-one learning platform and expansive business knowledge integrated with the expertise of Lil' Scholars University preschool, makes it easy to learn how to start and grow your own preschool business.

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    We believe in sustainable, lasting, effective courses that make an impact on both you AND the way you do business. Every tool and course were built with your learning experience in mind so you can maximize impact across your preschool ownership journey. Because if you are happy and succeeding, we are ultimately succeeding too.

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    SKYWES is a learning platform that enables entrepreneurs, like you, to learn all you need to about starting and growing a preschool business. Partnering with Lil' Scholars University, our mission is teaching by giving the tools and information you need to turn your passion into a sustainable business.

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